7 easy ways to improve your diet this autumn

When the temperature starts to drop the body scrambles to protect itself from heat loss. Colder days make us think of comfort foods; you may want warm rich food but think healthy, steaming oats and vegetable-rich soups.

Smooth muscle tissue including the colon becomes sluggish when the temperature drops. Less blood flow in the skin, arms and legs mean that there is more to focus on digestion. The brain sees this as a signal for more food and craves for starchy, carbohydrate-rich options. Shorter days also reduce the amount of mood-enhancing serotonin; carb-rich foods such as potatoes can stimulate serotonin that means greater cravings.

A few changes in your routine will help to boost your health and energise for the winter ahead.

There is still plenty of abundant fresh vegetables at this time and nourishing foods for autumn include root vegetables such as carrots, squashes and beets. Make up batches of soup at the weekend and freeze them for when you’re too busy to cook.

• Add turkey, asparagus, sunflower seeds, cottage cheese, pineapple, tofu, spinach and bananas to your diet to boost serotonin levels.

• Increase your PEA levels; found in algae, it’s a brain chemical that releases feelings of joy (H3O Night Repair is rich in algae).

• Boost magnesium levels to help promote deeper sleep and wake with more energy (present in H3O Hydration and H3O Night Repair).

• Eat regularly; skipping meals will result in low blood sugar levels, which in turn leave you feeling tired, irritable and lacking in concentration.

• Add protein rich foods, as they are high in a protein building block, tryptophan. Tryptophan in turn creates the mood enhancing serotonin.

• Vitamin B6 is needed to help convert tryptophan into serotonin, fish port, eggs, soya beans, oats, peanuts, walnuts, avocado and bananas are all rich in the vitamin.

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Have more vitality, smooth away bulges and get that glow.

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