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Baked stuffed cauliflower recipe

Baked stuffed cauliflower

There is quite a lot of preparation to this dish, so we recommend that you get it ready the day before and pop in the fridge so that it’s ready to roast on Christmas Day. It’s a tasty vegetarian/vegan alternative to a nut roast or vegan haggis and provides a pretty side dish for meat lovers.

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Strawberry Chia Pudding recipe

Strawberry chia pudding

What a delicious treat. Samantha Hadadi has created these gorgeous chia puddings and we can’t wait to try them. They take no preparation time at all, just a little patience whilst waiting for them to set.

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Easy kimchi recipe is a fermented food that helps to promote healthy bacteria in the digestive system.

Easy Kimchi

If you love kimchi but you wouldn’t know how to create a fermented this easy kimchi will have you jumping for joy. It packs a huge whack of healthy bacterial to keep your digestion happy and giving your immune a little gentle boost at the same time.

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Cauliflower Pizza recipe

Cauliflower pizza

If you fancy a pizza but don’t want a classic dough base then this cauliflower pizza is the perfect option. Even our meat loving boys enjoy this veggie rich option.

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Fish and chips recipe Rejuvenated Style

Fish n Chips Rejuvenated Style

Who doesn’t love fish and chips and this healthy option is the perfect treat as it gives all the flavour while being packed with nourishing nutrients at the same time. Enjoy this delicious treat without feeling any guilt.

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