Meet Dr Maryam McMillan and discover her favourite Rejuvenated product

Meet Dr Maryam McMillan

Was working in beauty a childhood dream or something you fell into?

I have always loved beauty. I remember raiding my mother’s makeup bags as a child and applying various products to my face!

Please share your beauty routine with us.

I always start with cleansing my face in the morning with Zo-skincare products, followed by a vitamin C serum and SPF cream by AlumierMd.

I wear minimal makeup throughout the day, and always cleanse at night and apply retinol or another favourite of mine ZO skin health Growth factor serum.

Which skincare product is your must-have?

SPF cream daily with a hint of colour for that matt finish.

And your favourite treatment in the clinic?

Medical grade Chemical peels are very satisfying and give great results for the patients.

Which is your favourite Rejuvenated product and why?

Can not start my day without the Collagen shots . I recommend the product to almost all my patients. It is a great way to start your metabolism in the morning and my skin texture has improved drastically. 

What’s your beauty pet hate?

Overdone facial fillers- specially overfilled lips with fillers.

As a multi-tasking clinic owner, how do you manage stress? 

I am a busy mum of two, working as a dentist and an Aesthetic Doctor. I practice yoga weekly and walks with my dog Alfie, helps me to unwind the destress.

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